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Why OUR Outdoor Dog Kennel Runs?

We've been in the kennelling business for over 40 years. All of this experience with literally thousands of dogs has taught us a thing or two.

Most modular dog runs have unsealed welding points with sharp edges that can be damaging to your dogs and eventually corrode and rust. Our Welded Wire Outdoor Dog Kennel Runs are made from quality materials with innovative features like "Smart Weld" which seals connection welds UNDER the galvanizing and powder coating to give you safer and more durable panels. Rust and corrosion can't get a foothold.

Our Chain Link Kennels have extra cross bars welded into the frames for the sturdiest panels in the market. The Chain Link is factory-attached for tight, attractive and durable finish. Professional 12 gauge all-steel chain link fabric with all of the other quality features of the welded wire models.

Set-up is a breeze. No special tools are needed. The rails go together with just a twist of the nut on a joiner clamp, and all hardware is included.

The gates are PRE-Hung so they're ALWAYS mounted correctly. Superior gate hinge design stays square (no sagging), even after years of use.

Gate Latches are dog-proof and lockable. They even have a set-screw hole to anchor them further against bull-headed or forceful dogs who try to force their way out the gate.

Cleaning is easy. Each panel is raised 1" off the ground for easy sanitation. Helps prevent debris and bacteria build-up between runs or under the panels.

Heavy gauge wire and heavy-duty poles make these dog runs sturdy and durable. They can be used indoors or outside. They are very convenient for the patio dog or for professional operations. They are often used as temporary quarters for visitors or event participants at canine events. We've even sold them to large bird breeders for indoor-outdoor aviaries.

Caps on the top of each pole prevent water damage and finish off the look of a fine dog run.

Pre-fitted tops and weather-guard side fabrics are available for shade and weather protection.

Whether you breed, board or just confine your family dog, the quality finish will speak volumes about the quality of your breeding stock and the quality of your care.

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Why OUR Outdoor Dog Kennel Runs