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Lucky Dog Multiple Adjoining Silver Dog Kennel Runs
So Much Better Than Galvanized Kennels!

Silver Powder-Coated Professional Dog Kennels

Lucky Dog Silver Professional kits are made of 100% Commercial grade Steel with 100% professional grade, powder-coated welded wire in 2" x 4" squares. They offer tremendous standard features for the least investment. They are the choice of show breeders and hunting dog enthusiasts as well as backyard pet owners. 4 or 6 Ft High. Welded Wire Dog Kennels look great and have features that make them both durable and convenient.

They are exactly the same high quality as the black powder coated kennels but with an attractive silver finish.

The gates are pre-hung and will not sag - EVER. Latches are dog proof and lockable to prevent escape artists from finding a way out. They go together in a jiffy with the included hardware, a screw driver, and a pair of pliers.

Standard Features Spare No Details

  • Silver Powder-coated welded wire is stylish and much more DURABLE than galvanized. Will last for years and years.
  • 8 gauge, heavy duty, powder-coated 2" x 4" welded-wire panels & gates.
  • Easy Assembly - no special tools. All hardware included
  • Pre-Hung, Easy-swing, no-sag gates.
  • 2 styles of gates are possible: Full silver gate comes standard with each kit. However substitutions (in black only) can be made to accommodate runs with puppy-proof gates or to foil the gate-barging dog.
  • Available by additional purchase:
    • 5' Wide Black Powder Coat Gate-within-a-gate is half size horizontal. Opens full or top half. Does not come in Silver finish, but will fit these kennels.
  • Dog-proof, Lockable Latches
  • Rain Caps on the top of all posts
  • 1-3/4" raised Legs for easy cleaning. No trapped debris or bacteria hide-outs
  • Smooth, rust-proof Smart Welding seals edges and cracks to prevent moisture seepage that causes rust
  • After-weld, two-step powder coating process seals and further prevents rust
  • Endless Configurations
  • Click FEATURES for even more details.
  • For all breeds including large dogs. 6 ft High and 4' High. Panels and gates are 5 Ft Wide.
  • Optional Shade Roof, Weatherproof Fabric Covers, Isolation Panels, and Welded Wire Security Tops.(all sold separately).


  • 6' Height or 4' Height
  • 6' high with 5' panels and gates. For larger breeds. They are slightly heavier than the 4 ft wide variety. Wider panels mean more room for larger dogs and fewer panels to set up - Set-up is faster.
    • 5'x10'. 5'x15'. 5'x20'. 10'x10'. 10'x20'
  • 4' high with 5' panels and gates They are lighter and smaller all the way around. Tall enough for short-legged breeds that are not climbers (such as toy breeds or bulldogs). However, if long runs are needed (which will have center cross-supports) or a flat cover desired this height is uncomfortable to stand in. The Deluxe Cover will make the kennel measure 5' tall at the peak of the roof.
    • 5'x10'. 5'x15'. 5'x20'. 10'x10'. 10'x20'

Silver Powder Coated Dog Kennels

Finalizing Your Order

We have experts on hand to help you figure out what you need and how to get it to you in the most economical way.
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  • Contact the Motor Freight Companies for Rates and Specials
  • Let you know how much the projected cost for freight will be BEFORE we consider your order finalized
  • Get your approval and arrange delivery at your convenience

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