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Deluxe Dog Kennel Covers

Dog Kennel Covers

Snow, rain and sun can make life miserable in an uncovered run. Because it's not always possible to position the kennel in the most protected area, the WeatherGuard cover provides your dogs with shelter from the weather no matter where the kennel sits.

These pre-Fabricated, waterproof covers are compatible with Welded Wire Lucky dog, Professional Breeder and Best in Show Kennels as well as Grand Champion Chain Link Modular Kennels. They can be added to other types of kennels if the measurements are compatible and the kennel uprights are there to attach the roofing struts.

These covers are easy to install using the included hardware. They stretch right over the frame and tie to the wire. They usually ship right on the pallet with your pre-fab kit or ship separately via UPS if ordered alone.

Features of Modular Dog Kennel Deluxe Covers

  • Protects from sun, snow, and rain
  • Made of heavy-weight, durable fabric to last for years. Waterproof UV protective 3-layer polyethylene cover material with reinforced tie-down grommets
  • 100 percent commercial grade galvanized steel frame with Quick Connect fittings. After-weld galvanizing - a process in which the complete panel is galvanized after the welding process providing years of protection
  • Covers include all of the frame work and metal bracing, grommets and bungees for secure attachment

It is not always necessary to cover an entire run. Covering about 10 feet of the sleeping end is usually sufficient.

Economy Dog Kennel Covers

Dog Kennel Covers

Provide you dogs with shade and rain protection in a quick, easily installed solution.

Features of Economy Kennel Cover

  • Economy covers include frame as well as cover. Provides your pet with comfort, shade and protection from the sun. Fits all kennel dimensions of 10'x10 and 5'x10'.

Dog Kennel Sunshade

Dog Kennel Sun Shades

Designed for quick, easy installation and economical price, this protective roof will top off any outdoor dog kennel run. Top Sunshade Cover is easy to install in 1 hour or less. Comes with grommets and ties. Provides protection from the sun. Fits 10' x 10' kennel.

Features of Kennel SunShade Cover

  • Filters approximately 80% of the sunlight.
  • Constructed of poly mesh fabric.
  • Folded and sewn edges, with brass grommets
  • Includes plastic zip ties for installing cover on kennel.
  • Cover is not waterproof.

Shade and Wind Barriers

Dog Kennel Shade Barriers

Shade and Wind Barriers help to protect your pets from hot sun, chilling winds and driving rain that come in at the sides of the kennel. They can wrap all the way around a kennel or be placed only on strategic sides where weather is a problem. They are very easy to install. Grommets are tied to the panelling with zip ties/

Features of WeatherGuard Kennel Shade and Wind Barriers

  • Made of sturdy, waterproof fabric.
  • Shade and Wind Barriers include Grommets. (Cannot be cut without destroying the grommets.)

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