Kennel Flooring

Kennel Flooring is essential for dogs who will be bedding on concrete or cold or wet surfaces. It keeps dogs high and dry, and provides insulation against the elements.

Each 2' x 4' panel is made of a sturdy polypropylene with a textured top for comfort and non-slip grip. Keeps dogs off of the cold or hard surface and up out of the water. Great as resting pads in boarding kennels, humane societies or professional breeder facilities. Can also be used to create a whole deck onto which a modular kennel can be placed


Kennel Flooring

Dog Kennel Flooring Dog Kennel Flooring

Kennel Flooring Features at a Glance

  • Build whole decks or use inside 4'Wide or 5'Wide kennels. (5'W kennels will have a 6" gap on either side).
  • Allows free air circulation and will not absorb odors.
  • Impervious to urine and feces. Resists bacteria. Insect-proof. Resists mold, mildew and other undesirable kennel detritis.
  • Simply hose or disinfect with your choice of cleaning product.
  • It is lightweight, chew proof, and weatherproof.
  • Each section will hold up to 1000 Lbs.
  • Sections are easily cut with just a handsaw for more custom fit.
  • Keeps dogs 2" off the ground. Rubber feet provided.
  • 6 "ribs" per 2'x4' deck. 1/4" slot between ribs.
  • Raised herringbone texture provides a comfortable, non-skid surface.
  • Made from sturdy, durable polypropylene.
  • Gray color compliments any kennel.
  • Weighs only 8.5 lbs per 2' x 4' section.

Simply lay the pieces in place like a jigsaw puzzle. For larger areas, sections can be connected together for wider or longer configurations. Sections clip together with clips (included).

We sell in single 2' x 4' section or in 2, 3, and 4 packs. We even sell by the pallet of 50 sections (which will make 25, 4' x 4' resting decks).

Gate Latch

Made of the same high quality steel with heavy-duty black powder coat finish, these latches fit all of our listed kennels as well as most other modular kennels. They are dog-proof and lockable. Ships UPS.

Hole provided to insert self tapping screw (not included) for extra security of large breeds or aggressive animals.


Gate Latch

Dog Kennel Joiner Clamp

Made of the same high quality steel with heavy-duty black powder coat finish, these clamps fit all of our listed kennels as well as most other modular kennels. Clamps are very easy to use, even with just one person. They leave 1.25" - 1.5" between the panels. Ships UPS


Dog Kennel Joiner Clamps

Kennel Cover Support Fitting

Cover Support Fitting attaches to panels to attach the cover support system. The cover sits on top of these fittings. Each cover comes with enough supports for one kennel. Additional fittings are needed only when installing Cover Systems on adjacent common-wall runs. Because each cover fits into the uprights at the corners of its run, the adjacent kennel has nowhere to insert the cover support and needs these additional bolt-on supports. Order enough fittings for all of the uprights in the runs that will need them


They fit all modular kennels we offer here, and many other DIY kennels if they have the same size uprights.

Kennel Cover Support Fittings

Kennel Bridge Support

The bridge support is a cross-kennel stabilizing bar used to stabilizes side panels when no back panel is used or when the kennel is very long and would benefit from support in the middle. It is made of solid Steel construction with a 2-Step Powder Coating process: zinc enriched primer then powder coated to inhibit rust. Comes in 4 Ft and 5Ft wide options.


Bridge Support for Kennel Runs

Kennel Wall Bracket

Use two brackets per panel to fasten the back of your kennel to a building or structure when you don't use a back panel. Durable Solid Steel with heavy-duty black powder coat to prevent rust.


Use two wall brackets per kennel panel.

Stainless Bowl System

High Quality Stainless Steel bowls can be inserted into a panel or gate. The stationary bowls sit off the ground, conveniently attached to the panel or gate, away from the water spray or dog elimination areas. The rotating bowls rotate to the outside for filling and cleaning and back into the run where the dog can use them. They are excellent for runs with aggressive dogs or overly rambunctious dogs who jump on your clean clothes. (Also excellent for large bird aviaries.)


Mountable bowls for outdoor dog kennels.

Doggie Dooley

Doggie Dooley keeps lawns and play areas clean and sanitary. It works like a miniature septic tank, turning dog waste into a ground-absorbed liquid using naturally-acting bacteria and enzyme digester. Just scoop your yard, use the foot action lid to open, and dump the waste in the container. The Doggie Dooley will do the rest

Newest design, with improved strength and easier to assemble. Made from durable outdoor materials for years of service. Strong "step-here" lid to make pick up clean and easy.

Simply dig a hole in your yard, install in the ground (approximately 1 hour installation time from start to finish), drop in dog waste, and occasionally add Digester and water for continuous break down of waste.


Environmentally friendly, Doggie Dooley Dog Toilets are harmless to lawns, pets and shrubs and have the capacity to handle the waste of up to 4 dogs (4 small-medium dogs or 2 large dogs).

Doggie Doolie Septic System for Dogs and Kennels

Features of X-Large Doggie Dooley 3800X Dog Septic System

  • Easily installs in the ground, leaving just the lid exposed.
  • Has a new, improved step-on lid opener.
  • Molded of extra high-strength, durable plastic and features an open-bottom to create a waste leach field.
  • Keeps grounds clean, insect-free and sanitary.
  • Uses safe, non-poisonous bacteria action to liquefy pet waste for ground absorption.
  • Simply shovel the stool into the tank, close the lid, and occasionally add water and special enzyme digesters.
  • Live organisms in the digester turn waste into a harmless liquid.
  • New large pyramid shape easily assembles without a base, with instructions to expand waste digesting capacity for more pets. Ships flat for less expensive shipping.
  • Each unit comes with a starter supply of Digester. (Digestive action stops at 40 degrees F and Dooley works best in soil that is sandy or drains well. Find a place with a minimum of clay. Digester has a shelf life of 5 years if kept cool and dry.
  • Excellent outdoor life. Will not rust or corrode.

Quick Feed Portion-Control Feeder

Made in USAQuick Feed Manual Portion Control Feeder saves hours of work and manages your pets' diet with precision.

No more scooping, no more birds eating all of the food from the "self" feeder.

Quick Feed Manual Portion Control Feeder dispenses the exact amount of food with just a turn of the handle. QFMPC will hold a 35 pound bag of dog/cat chows and many other types of dry feeds for horses, goats, or other livestock.


Quick feed automatic feeding system for kennels

Drops 1/2 cup of food with 1/2 turn of the handle or 1 cup with a whole turn. Dispense the exact amount of feed that is required for your pet.

Features of Portion Control Feeder

  • Easily installs on walls or kennel fencing.
  • Has an easy-to-turn handle.
  • Molded of extra high-strength, durable polyurethane plastic.
  • For cats, dogs, pot-bellied pigs as well as small livestock - such as sheep, goats, pigs, miniature and large horses.
  • Excellent outdoor life. Will not rust or corrode.
  • Dimensions: 28"x16"x10"

(If you would like a feeder that dispenses just 1/4 cup with the minimum turn or dispenses a full cup with the minimum turn, call for a special order. We can do that.)

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