Professional Breeder Modular Chain Link Kennels
Features at a Glance

Professional Dog Breeder Kennel

Professional Breeder Kennel Features at a Glance

  • Quick and Easy to assemble - No tools Required. The rails go together with just a twist of the nut on a joiner clamp. All hardware included.
  • Two gates come standard with every "single" kennel larger than 5 ft x 5 ft unless specified. Very versatile design. Gates can be used anywhere needed. (We suggest: One end opens for cleaning. Side opens for dog entry and exit.)
  • Gate latches are dog proof and LOCKABLE.
  • Superior gate hinge design stays square, even after years of use. Pinch-proof when opening or closing.
  • 8 gauge welded steel construction. 2" x 4" openings. 1.25" between panels.
  • Black Powder-coated or Silver Powder-coated for superior durability and for clean, elegant look.
  • Smart Weld: Welded INTO the rail, not ONTO it. Welded wire is actually inserted into the panel rails and THEN welded. Prevents usual sharp welding edges as well as potential weak spots where rust can start or welds can pop.
  • Powder Coated AFTER welding to close and smooth all joints. No sharp edges EVER!
  • Caps on all uprights to prevent moisture damage and refine the appearance.
  • Raised Leg: 1" raised legs allow for easy cleaning - help prevent bacteria build-up under panels.
  • 3-sided horizontal stability from square-corner safety design.
  • Sold standard in 4' and 6' heights. 4' and 5' widths.
  • Customizable with purchase of added side or gate panels (sold separately).
  • Kennels can be attached for in-row configurations. Choice of open panels or solid isolation panels between runs.
  • Add a special type of gate as an additional panel (you'll have 3 after adding one to a "single" kennel configuration). You can never have too many gates.
  • Optional Covers with easy-to-assemble roof uprights (sold separately).
  • Rotating or stationary Bowl Systems (sold separately).